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Thursday Night Worship

What to expect during our Thursday night worship services.

Thursdays, at 7pm.

What to expect...

Low lights, lots of candles, acoustic music… Our Thursday night worship service is a much more reflective and peaceful time of worship. We sing a few songs and usually join together in a prayer or responsive reading. That is followed by a message from our pastor. The same message is given at all 3 of our worship services. There's no dress code. Come as you are!

Thursday Night Dinner, at 6pm.

One of the best parts of our Thursday Night Worship is… the dinner! Dinner starts at 6pm. Food is coordinated by a leadership team and there is no cost to come and eat! So many of the best stories of Jesus start with Jesus sitting and eating with a group of people. We also share some great stories at Thursday Dinner as we get to know and care for each other.