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Serve Teams

Discover ways to get involved in serving.

Serve Teams

Serving is a core value for us. We've discovered that helping others is one of the key ingredients in a growing and vibrant faith. Keep reading to discover all the ways you can get connected on one of our serve teams - and make a big difference!

Click here to contact the office for more information on any of these teams.

Guest Services Team.

These critically important volunteers help us create a warm welcome for visitors and help them get connected. It starts with greeting, but it is bigger and deeper than that. This team also plans and implements monthly newcomer lunches.

Worship Planning Team

Helps staff come up with possible sermon series, set design, interactive elements, and other creative means of creating culturally relevant and personally meaningful worship services.

Worship Team

If you're interested in being part of the worship team reach out to the office to learn more.

Events / Hospitality Team

Plans events and activities that help create a sense of connectedness and fun in the church. These events will also be natural “on-ramps” for newcomers to first experience the hospitality and welcome that is so important to us. 

Team Caffeine

This crew will help create a welcoming space by providing excellent coffee on Sunday mornings. It will include setting up the self serve coffee stations and helping in the café where espresso drinks will be available. 

Lobby Hosts

We hope to have our lobby area open to the public on several occasions during the week. This will be a great place for parents to bring their younger kids to play in the playground. Lobby Hosts will help make that a safe and welcoming space by greeting, answering questions, and being available if needs come up.

Wedding Coordinators

Our building is available for weddings for members and non-members alike. Wedding Coordinators will work with the pastor and walk alongside the couple in planning their wedding ceremonies.

Innovation Team

This small team would be charged with keeping up with trends and changes to help the church anticipate and plan ahead instead of just reacting to changes around us. There will be a heavy focus on technology on this team.

A/V Team

Each week, this team is busy running the sound board, the cameras, the projection software, and the lights. That sounds daunting, but it really isn’t. We train you well and make sure you are comfortable.

Kids Church Team

This amazing group of adults helps teach our kids (5th grade and under) that God loves them, God is with them, and God is good! The time commitment can be as little as one Sunday a month. If teaching isn't your thing you can help with kid's events or behind the scenes work.

Youth Group Volunteer Team

Our youth group (6th - 12th grade) meets on Sunday evenings. The YG volunteer team helps create a fun, engaging, and safe space for those teenagers to connect and grow together.

Community Impact Team

This group selects recipients of our monthly Community Impact grants. Eventually this team will also take the lead in selecting and leading our community partnerships through which we hope to make an impact and meet real needs in our surrounding community. 

Meet Malawi Team

This team manages all the details of our church partnership with Lisanjala Church. This team is mostly comprised of people who have been on one of our Malawi trips, but interested people are encouraged to let us know regardless. Responsibilities include selecting scholarship recipients, overseeing distribution of funds for community development projects, and trip planning.

Green Team

Environmental stewardship, landscaping and using our surrounding property for a variety of purposes. Click here to read more about the Green Team!

Building & Grounds Committee

Helps keep the building looking good and working well! If you enjoy working around the house or the yard, this might be a great team for you!