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Giving F.A.Q.'s

Answers to help you feel comfortable with the safety and security of our online giving option.


Q. What are the major advantages of online giving?

A. Online giving is primarily about convenience for you and consistency for CCC. Online giving eliminates frequent check writing and helps members give regularly even when they are unable to attend services. CCC in turn benefits from consistent giving and a reduction in the volume of check and cash contributions that must be processed manually.

Q. How do I access Online Giving on the website?

A. From the homepage of our website,, click on the “Give” button partway down the page.

Q. Why does the donation page ask me to Log In?

A. Creating a “log in” is a convenient way for you to avoid having to enter your full contact information every time you want to make a donation. This log-in is also required if you intend to create a regularly recurring donation and want to be able to make changes to that without contacting the office. Logging in is NOT required for any online donation.

Q. What are the different types of online giving that are available?

A. You may give by a direct debit from a checking our savings account (often referred to as Electronic Fund Transfer or EFT), or by debit or credit card. We can accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

Q. How does Electronic Fund Transfer work?

A. Donations are transferred automatically from your checking or savings account into CCC’s bank account based on the frequency, amounts, and fund descriptions you specify.

Q. When will my contribution be debited from my checking/savings account or charged to my debit/credit card?

A. A debit / charge to your account will occur on the date you specify. You can set up recurring payments on a date you specify and at a frequency of weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You can set up as many diferent giving schedules as you would like, so it is possible to give a monthly gift as well as a weekly one.

Q. How much does online giving cost CCC?

A. Each online transaction does have a cost for us. We encourage you to consider using the Electronic Fund Transfer option, as it is the least expensive option.

Our bank fees are as follows:

Electronic Fund Transfer – $.25 per transaction.

Credit/Debit (Visa/Mastercard) – $.45 per transaction + 2.75% of amount given

Credit/Debit (American Express) – $.45 per transaction + 3.5% of amount given

Q. Is there a way for me to cover the administrative cost of the online giving transaction into my contribution?

A. Yes! The online giving portal has an option that allows you to add an additional amount to your donation to cover those costs. Filling in this amount is totally up to you; it is simply a convenient way to ensure that your donations aren’t adding to CCC’s banking costs.

Q. Can I give to specific funds as well as to the church’s operating budget?

A. Sure thing! You can currently give to our General/Operating Budget, our Welcome Home/Building Fund, and our Malawi Scholarships.

Q. Can I stop automatic contributions after I set it up?

A. Yes. If for any reason you need to stop automatic payments, you can login to your profile and make the necessary changes to your online giving choices.

Q. What can I use to show I made a donation?

A. The itemized list of electronic transactions on your bank statement or credit card statement can be used as proof of your donations.

Q. Is online giving secure?

A. Yes. In fact, online giving is more secure than writing a check or carrying cash.

Our secure giving services are provided by Vanco Services, LLC. Vanco processes electronic donations for more than 10,000 churches and nonprofit organizations. Vanco’s system is compliant with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 requirements for assuring security of online payments. PCI Level 1 applies to those companies handling the highest amounts of money, and thus has the most stringent security requirements.

Q. Who can I talk to if I have more questions

A. Give us a call at the church office or email Dave Plemons, our bookkeeper by clicking here.