About Copper Creek Church

Our church started in 2007 as a satellite campus of First Presbyterian Church in Champaign.  After 5 years, we felt led to establish the satellite campus as a new church plant.  And on September 9th, 2012 Copper Creek Church was officially commissioned as a new church.  Our story has been a story of God constantly doing surprising new things in our midst.  We look forward to seeing where the Spirit of God leads us going forward.

What makes us unique? 

Click here to read our vision and values.  But one of the things that we think is unique is that CCC is a church where generations and different demographics worship and grow together.  We celebrate being the FAMILY of God by meeting together in Community Groups that combine kids, parents, singles, young married, retired, you name it.  This way, we all benefit from the wisdom, gifts, and energy of every different person.  

Church in a box:  

Our Sunday morning worship service meets at 10am in the YMCA on Windsor Rd.  We set up and tear down every part of the church experience every week.  We love meeting in a “public” space that we don’t own.  It’s a way of reminding ourselves that church isn’t a building.  It’s the people.  And church happens whenever and wherever we gather.

Our elders: 

CCC is governed by a body of 6 ordained elders, elected from among the church members. This group meets at least monthly to pray, study, and discern what God is leading us to do and to be.  Elders are elected to 3 year terms with 2 elders rotating on and off each year. Our current elders are Karen Decker, Steve Hankel, Paul Hobbs, Melody Kane, Dan Kaste, Tim Larson, Lina Mongwa, Dan Ryan, and Marcy Zora.

Our denomination: 

CCC is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA) and is a member of the Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois.